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AN AI Curated Travel Experience APP
for everyone


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Cailyn Stewart, the creator behind the innovative app, Include, designed it with a deep understanding of the unique considerations faced by individuals with intersecting identities. As a black queer woman herself, Cailyn has personally experienced the hesitations and concerns when planning travel experiences that cater to her specific needs while ensuring safety and inclusivity. Backed by extensive quantitative and qualitative research, Cailyn recognized the urgent demand for a technology solution that serves vulnerable and diverse communities. Leveraging her expertise as a talented website, graphic, and UX designer, she skillfully brought together her creative ideas to develop the groundbreaking Include prototype, setting a new standard for inclusive travel experiences.

Include understands the importance of diverse and inclusive travel experiences. Include's AI feature curates LGBTQ-friendly, accessibility-friendly, pregnant-friendly, BIPOC-friendly journeys, and prioritizes women's safety. With Include, your individuality is celebrated, and your unique needs are met. Welcome to a world of inclusive travel tailored just for you.


The Include app interface is a harmonious blend of vibrancy, sleekness, and excitement, mirroring the diverse and dynamic community we serve. With its colorful aesthetics, the app captures attention, inviting users into a world of possibilities and adventure. The attractive design elements create an engaging and visually appealing experience, reflecting the enthusiasm and spirit of the vibrant Include community. Navigating through the app is a seamless and enjoyable journey, as the sleek interface ensures effortless exploration and discovery of inclusive travel experiences. Get ready to embark on an exciting and visually captivating experience with the Include app, where the interface itself is a testament to the vibrant tapestry of travelLers we celebrate.


What makes include different than other popular travel apps?


Include sets itself apart from other popular travel apps with its unique AI-curated travel experiences profile feature. Unlike traditional apps, Include's AI system goes beyond generic recommendations by taking into account your individual identity markers and personal circumstances. It creates a personalized travel profile that understands who you are as a person and where you are in your life.

The AI system analyzes your preferences, travel history, and demographic information, incorporating factors such as LGBTQ identity, accessibility needs, pregnancy, BIPOC background, and more. With this comprehensive understanding, Include formulates travel recommendations and stays that align specifically with your unique identity and circumstances.

What truly sets Include apart is its ability to curate travel activities that resonate with you on a personal level. Whether you're seeking LGBTQ-friendly experiences, culturally significant destinations, accessible attractions, family-friendly activities for pregnant travelers, or places prioritizing women's safety, Include tailors the entire travel experience to suit your needs and aspirations.

With Include's AI-curated travel experiences profile, you can embark on journeys that truly reflect who you are and where you want to go in life. Discover the power of personalized travel like never before, as Include's cutting-edge technology ensures that every aspect of your trip is customized to make your travel dreams a reality.


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Include operates as a Social Travel App. This combination allows users to not only explore and book travel experiences but also engage with a community of like-minded travellers. By incorporating social media elements, such as chat functionality and comment sections, users can connect, share travel tips, exchange recommendations, and even communicate with locals or fellow travellers in real-time. This fusion of travel and social media creates a unique platform for interactive and collaborative travel experiences, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall journey.

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Include boasts a robust rating system that goes beyond simple star ratings, providing users with a comprehensive platform to share their travel experiences. Alongside star ratings, users have the opportunity to contribute to a comment section, enabling them to provide detailed feedback and insights about their stays and activities.

This innovative rating system serves a crucial purpose: holding travel destinations accountable to the diverse demographic of travelers they serve. By allowing users to provide feedback and share their experiences, Include empowers the community to influence and shape the travel industry. It encourages travel destinations to prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and meeting the needs of all travelers, ensuring that they strive to provide exceptional experiences for everyone.

What sets Include's rating system apart is the ability for users to tag the best features of their accommodation and travel experiences. This unique feature allows travelers to highlight specific aspects that made their stay exceptional, whether it's LGBTQ-friendliness, accessibility, cultural immersion, or any other notable attribute. By tagging these features, users can signal to other travelers the standout qualities of their experience.

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With the comprehensive rating features offered by Include, travelers can make informed decisions based on real user experiences and ensure that their journeys align with their expectations and requirements. Together, the inclusive community on Include helps shape the travel landscape by holding destinations accountable and promoting a more diverse, welcoming, and rewarding travel experience for all.

CONNECT & BE Included

Include, although still in its prototyping stages, has immense potential as a global tech solution for addressing travel insecurity. With a focus on diversity, inclusivity, and personalized experiences, it can transform how marginalized communities approach travel. By catering to unique needs, alleviating insecurities, and fostering a welcoming environment, Include empowers travellers through AI-curated profiles, inclusive ratings, and community-driven features. As it evolves, it can connect travellers worldwide, bridging gaps and creating an inclusive travel landscape. Through development, partnerships, and feedback, Include can be a powerful solution, turning insecurities into opportunities for exploration and connection. Together, we shape a future where every traveler feels confident and represented.

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